Asia Drink Conference Programme

9.30-10.00 Registration/Networking Coffee
10.00-10.15 Welcome Address
10.15-10.50 Health and Wellness Beverage Trends Across Southeast Asia
Sports nutrition, slimming, beauty, and healthy (pre/probiotic) drinks and
their consumption rates by consumers across the region
10.50-11.25 Intelligent Packaging For Beveragesy
11.25-12.00 Functional closures for different age groups (Bericap)
Increasing population in developed countries and young population
in developing countries of the region.
12.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.30 Staying Competitive: Digitalising the Factory
  • Smart machines/Green Processes/Increased automation across the floor
  • Complete line solutions
Sustainability With Beverages
  • Green Packaging
  • PET Recycling/using PET for beverage packaging
14.30-15.00 High Pressure Processing: Maintaining Safety and Nutrition Packaging For Convenience
  • Consumers today are looking for smaller-sized or lighter products to carry around with ease. Can also be used for branding, with the size/colour/shape of these
15.00-15.15 Coffee Break
15.15-15.45 IOT In Beverage Processing
Employing IoT solutions (sensors) to monitor craft beer, or using sensory tags to provide accurate sell-out volume, quality metrics (temperature), alerts, etc
Innovation Opportunities In The Beverage Market
  • New Ingredients: Green coffee/green tea/chia sees/ antioxidants
  • Snack drinks: A new way to ‘eat’
  • Plant water trends: coconut, maple, birch, cactus
  • Plant Milk: alternatives from animal sources
15.45-16.15 IOT Solutions For Traceability: Tracing Beverages From Factory to Shelf
  • Manufacture date, expiry date
  • Ensuring against counterfeit/fraud
  • Easy recall
  • Easy Storage of information.
Marketing to Millenials vs Baby Boomers
  • Price
  • Demands
  • Product Category
  • Claims

The 16th International Beverage and Brewing Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition
In-conjunction with:

The 25th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia